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Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. Previous projects:


4 riders with diverse backgrounds and extensive work in motorcycling industry have set a common goal:

Reshaping the Japanese motorcycling community, bringing a fresh, artistic, fashionable and emotional experience to younger generations of bikers.

Wataru Kotani

Lead fashion designer of Kadoya Leathers, Japanese biggest and strongest leather motorcycling apparel brand.

Kai Sato

Chief editor of MotoBe, an online media for young generation of motorcycle riders in Japan.

Kazuto Yakuwa

CEO of Moto Japan, an automotive consulting company with a high impact on domestic and international riders landscape.

Una Softic

Innovation consultant with a strong focus on automotive, whose clients include General Motors, Intel and The Nikkei.


Live art & design. Projection mapping. Music.

Emily O'Marra

Emily O’Marra is a painter and illustrator from Toronto, Canada. She majored in Drawing & Painting at OCAD University, and is currently living in Tokyo where she has participated in a handful of art events, including her first solo show at BnA Hotel in Koenji.

Kelly Ann Nguyen

Kelly Ann Nguyen is a mixed-media artist from Toronto, Canada specializing in illustration and graphic design. After graduating with a BA in design for Fashion Communications at Ryerson University, Kelly decided to move to Tokyo, Japan to explore the art and culture scene. Most of her work is inspired by the feeling of waves through music, motion, and water, along with hand and floral elements.


Makio&Floz is a studio founded in 2016, based in Paris & Tokyo working on digital art based projects. The code is at the center of all their creations: projection mapping, robots artists, VJ, installations or web experience.

DJ Yonekura

His music sets originated in Osaka in 2008. His diverse music performances include band collaborations, as well as work with Indie & Major artists in Japan. In 2010, he moved his base to Tokyo and to work on NewWave, Disco, HipHop, Indie, etc. projecs. His signature work is tanglig different musical genres by connecting common points. He also works as a writer.

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Tokyo Ryogoku

September 29th 2018