NEUTRAL [Bikes x Art x Music]

NEUTRAL was created as a hobby project of 4 riders with an aim to reshape the motorcycling industry in Japan with the concept of sharing positivity and cross-industry collaboration: NEUTRAL combines bikes with art, music, and technology.

2018 NEUTRAL [Bikes x Art x Music] event was held at Ryogoku Station Tokyo during the strongest storm in 25 years in Japan, the JEBI typhoon. Apocalyptic weather didn't stop us, and we've had an epic riders party together with the strongest fun-loving motorcycle fans in Tokyo.

2019 NEUTRAL REVENGE offered even richer motorcycling content, art, music, food & drinks. AI-generated music (created by neutral networks) along with background images and projection on bikes filled the space after sunset.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, 2020 event is not happening. Brace for NEUTAL REVENGE 2021!


4 riders with diverse backgrounds and extensive work in motorcycling industry have set a common goal:

Reshaping the Japanese motorcycling community, bringing a fresh, artistic, fashionable and emotional experience to younger generations of bikers.

Wataru Kotani

Lead fashion designer of Kadoya Leathers, Japanese biggest and strongest leather motorcycling apparel brand.

Kai Sato

Chief editor of MotoBe, an online media for young generation of motorcycle riders in Japan.

Kazuto Yakuwa

CEO of Moto Japan, an automotive consulting company with a high impact on domestic and international riders landscape.

Una Softic

Innovation consultant with a strong focus on automotive, whose clients include General Motors, Intel and The Nikkei.

Digital Artists

Special performance: Bikes x Art x Music - Powered by AI

TAKTILE (Max Frenzel) - DJ

Max is a quantum physicist turned AI Researcher and Digital Artist. Having worked in various AI related positions and doing creative projects on the side, he recently decided to combine these two passions and work full time on the applications of AI to design, art, and music. He produces and performs music, particularly drum & bass, under the name Taktile. He is currently also working on his first book, Time Off.

Ioan Sameli - VJ

Ioan Sameli started doing VJing in Geneva, Switzerland 8 years ago, when organizing bass music parties with a group of friends. After moving to Tokyo in 2014, he continued doing it semi-regularly and has performed in some of the most famous clubs in the city. His unique style inspired by glitch art, vaporwave and internet culture favors fast movement and bright colors, which fits particularly well with electronic music.


Live painting.


Fascinated by cartoons, illustration, rock, cars and motorcycles, Dapoo painted his first helmet after getting own bike when he was 18. His custom paint hobby turned to 「custom paint shop The Dapoo! Experience」, where he creates paintings with techniques such as urethane coating, pin stripes, airbrush etc. He is a designer working across industries, with a primary passion for bikes.

Minegishi Ai

Minegishi likes drawing in any type of form, on any kind of background, from murals to bikes. She enjoys drawing landscapes, people, still life, animals, patterns, imaginative objects, literally anything. She draws with her emotion, with uniqueness dictated only by the place and time. As a rider, she enjoys drawing motorcycle-related visuals as well.


All day good music


DJ of the Irish World Rock Festival [the WILD ROVER]. He plays Irish Trad and Country Folk, uniquely interwoven with Punk. He rides a 50's TRIUMPH.


EO is the guitar player of Little Bastards, the fastest punk/grind core band in the world. He collaborates, Toby, DJ WADA, Heigo Tani, DJ TASAKA, etc. He also leads a monthly techno event Colorful+ that has been going strong for over 10 years. He is also a composer working on stage music for choreographer Noshiro Naoko.


Often DJ-ing at ShinKiba AgeHa and Shibuya Trumproom. On Thursdays, find him at "TOKYOINSOMNIAC" at Shibuya Camelot, where he is a resident DJ. He played in over 3000 clubs around Japan, and has also been selected as an official back DJ for "CREAM" consisting of Staxx T and Minami, and is performing LIVE in various parts of Japan.

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